A self-serve digital advertising and branding platform for B2C businesses

Expand your advertising into the mobile world

Olluvo is the ideal localised digital advertising and branding platform for businesses in the retail, food & beverage, entertainment, and community sectors. Put your business in front of more customers in your local area. Build brand awareness and communicate your advertising message to your local market. Register today.

What is

A digital advertising and branding platform which is:

EASY to access

EASY to use

EASY to understand

LOCALLY focused

Designed and built for businesses, to make digital advertising accessible for all.

The benefits of

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Advertise to your local market

Take control of your message to your local market. Define the region you want your business to cover. Olluvo allows you to control your advertising area. Enter the postcodes your business covers and let your customers see your message. Truly local digital advertising. Register your interest.

Your Message, Your Ad

Promote the things you want to promote, a sale, deal, upcoming event, or an award-winning staff member, the choice is yours. Olluvo is more than discounts and giveaways because your business is more than discounts and giveaways. Build your businesses brand using Olluvo. Don’t delay, register your interest today.

Reach more people

Use Olluvo to promote your business to people who would not normally see you, like tourists and business people visiting your area. Let them know you are there. So click the register and expand your digital profile using Olluvo.

From Concept to Market Fast

Olluvo is about getting your advertising and promotions out to the market as quickly as possible. Your customers will be able to see what you are offering shortly after submission. If you want minimal delay between organising advertising and its availability to customers Register with Olluvo. 

Schedule your advertising and promotions in advance

With Olluvo you can schedule your digital advertising for the next 6 months or take it day by day, the choice and freedom is yours. Olluvo even allows you to set the hours your advertising is visible to customers. So, if you only want a promotion to run between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, Olluvo is for you. It’s time to take back your valuable time. Register your interest now.

Extend your business into the mobile world

The digital medium – mobile phones, tablets and wearables are fast becoming a big part of our everyday lives. With Olluvo you can cost effectively step your business into this technology space and leverage the digital medium to work for your business.


People love a local deal, this is just a fact. But, just as important to know is that people love something unique and interesting just as much. Olluvo knows businesses cannot survive on discounting and sales alone. So, join us in promoting your business in a productive, sustainable, and beneficial way

Truly local wherever you are

Advertising and promotion focused on bringing businesses and consumers together