Who We Are


Olluvo is a self-serve advertising and branding platform for B2C businesses. Born from a desire to provide businesses with a way to quickly and cost-effectively promote themselves. At Olluvo, we want to help you and your business to be as successful as you set out to be and to achieve your dreams as we achieve ours. Olluvo aims to bring digital advertising and extended services to B2C businesses.

The origin story...

The idea for Olluvo started to form after going to my mailbox. Packed inside of it was a great pile of brochures and other advertising material. Most of it I would never read. This was a waste of paper and more importantly a waste of a business’s time and money. In my hand was the old way of advertising, a shotgun approach. Ineffective given today’s technologies. So, I started to think of how advertising could be delivered differently and more effectively.

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I looked at already available alternatives and quickly saw that most of them were not sustainable options for businesses. Looking closer I concluded that long-term, some of the advertising options would hurt the relationship between the consumer and the advertiser by devaluing it.

I realised I was looking at a two-sided problem. The first problem – how to provide a way for businesses to use their time and money more effectively with regard to advertising and branding. The second problem – how the consumer can readily find the things they are looking for when and where they need it.

From this Olluvo was born. The desire to bring together businesses and consumers in a way that fulfills the needs of both parties while not devaluing the relationship between them.

Our Mission

At Olluvo, we want to help businesses to overcome the digital barrier and be able to take advantage of everything the digital world has to offer.

A mobile app and its benefits are out of reach for many businesses, being too costly to build and maintain. Olluvo is about bringing that capability to businesses, beginning with advertising and promoting your business, and building from there.

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Our Core Values

At Olluvo, we hold our values in the highest regard. They are at the core of what we do and who we are.