Olluvo is being developed for businesses with input and advice from businesses.

From time to time we seek input from business owners and managers regarding the development of the Olluvo software. To assist us in creating the best software platform we can for your business please select one of the short surveys below and have your say. Help us develop the software your business needs.

This is a short survey to gather information towards validating the Olluvo concept. It is intended to be part 1 of a 2 part survey chain. Click the link below to complete the survey.


This survey is to identify the common issues and concerns B2C businesses face when advertising. All information gathered is for research purposes only.


Olluvo is creating 2 pieces of software, the first being a self-serve advertising and branding platform for B2C businesses allowing them to take advantage of mobile technology to reach more customers. This survey focuses on the business side of our software and we appreciate you taking the time to help us out and most importantly you get to have input into the design and features of the product. Click the link below to complete the survey.


How it works

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